The Rational Ram Explained

I’ve always wanted to start my own weblog, or more colloquially “blog”, so I am pumped to make my first blog post!

I have a BS in political science and I am currently working towards an MBA, so I find discussing politics a cathartic experience. However, in this increasingly partisan political climate, it is increasingly difficult to find rational political discourse, online or in person. Far too many people are too emotionally invested in their political ideology to have a RATIONAL political debate or discussion, and thus, The Rational Ram was born!

While I consider myself a “small L” libertarian (not affiliated with or a supporter of the Libertarian Party), I am not firmly entrenched in my ideology. All ideologies, be it conservatism, liberalism, or libertarianism, are based upon wishful thinking. The root word of the term “ideology” is “ideal” and no system of government or prescription for governing is ever ideal for everyone.

Political ideology assumes that human beings are rational creatures. People are hardly rational when it comes to their individual self-interests, especially when those interests are threatened by competing interests.

As a self-proclaimed rational libertarian, I hope to prove that it is possible that rational thought can provide an effective framework for any ideology, which is the opposite of typical political thought in which the ideology far too often dictates what is considered rational.

Additionally, I wish to give my readers a rational take on the issues of the day, share my thoughts on philosophy and personal development, and discuss the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

I hope you enjoy my blog and thoughtful feedback is always welcome!

-The Rational Ram

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