The Game…

Keeping it short and sweet today, but I will try to be pithy and poignant.

President Trump’s racist tweets this weekend elicited indignant responses from the left and very little reaction at all from conservatives, unless nigh-silence and empty deflections from Senator Mitch McConnell and Company counts as a reaction. That was predictably expected.

However, there was one very surprising reaction from an unexpected source today…

Prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer characterized the President’s tweets on CNN as “red meat” and “meaningless”, “a con”. In short, Spencer doesn’t think President Trump’s words match his actions (thank goodness for that, his words are bad enough).

I actually agree with something Richard Spencer said!

That’s something I never thought I’d think or say, much less write in my blog!

I really think President Trump is conning his base into thinking he’s on their side, that he’s “one of them” and a champion of their cause.

It’s the oldest con in the history of this nation..,

Rich (usually white) men telling not rich (usually white) people that their problems are black and brown (or insert random bogeyman) people.

It’s divide and conquer demagoguery and is as old as this nation.

If an avowed racist like Richard Spencer can see the long con game President Trump is playing, and is willing to say so on CNN of all places, then it doesn’t bode well for the President’s re-election chances in 2020.

-The Rational Ram

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