If I Were a Presidential Candidate: Immigration Reform

For the first entry of my hypothetical presidential candidacy series, I proffer my ideas for immigration reform.

Let me preface by saying that I think the majority of Americans do not have a problem with immigration, but rather with illegal immigration.

I am of the opinion (based on demonstrated actions) that illegal immigration is at least tacitly encouraged by the partisan politicos because it is a useful wedge issue.

It is these two points upon which I base my ideas for reform.

That said, my comprehensive immigration reform plan is fivefold:

1.Enforce mandatory use of E-Verify with severe criminal penalties for hiring illegal immigrants. Fining businesses up to one million dollars ($1,000,000) with up to five (5) years imprisonment for business owners would certainly be a deterrent to hiring illegal immigrants and takes away the incentive for most illegal immigrants to enter the country.

2.Implement a new system to accurately track travel and work visas with strict deportation rules for visa holders who commit crimes while in country. Roughly half of the people who are here illegally came here on legal work or travel visas and simply never left because there is no system in place to track visas.

3.Double the Department of Homeland Security budget in order to expand the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This is in addition to increases in border security technology (not a wall) at both borders and all ports of entry into the country.

4.Expand the immigration court that handles asylum seekers and build facilities to facilitate processing asylum seekers quickly and humanely.

5.Hold a summit with the leaders of Central and South American countries to discuss ways to improve the economic and political conditions that drive illegal immigration to the United States. Up to and including a trade agreement for the hemisphere.

Next post: Healthcare

-The Rational Ram

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