If I Were a Presidential Candidate: Tax Reform

This entry of the series will likely be the pithiest as I think ours is a ridiculously and intentionally convoluted tax system, and thus, a constant topic of debate.

I advocate the abolition of the income tax and a return of the tax system that this country used to control the economy (notice that I didn’t say “fund the government” or “raise revenue”) for roughly the first 136 years of its history…

Consumption taxes.

As a presidential candidate, I’d pitch hard for the Fair Tax. If you wish to learn more about this system, visit this link below:


Since I am the Rational Ram, I have to be realistic and say that it is unlikely that the Fair Tax would ever gain widespread support.

Being a pragmatist, having a plan B is imperative.

My plan B is to reform the current Jobs and Tax Cuts Act, ever so slightly…


I’d simply reinstitute the personal exemption. Period. The end.

Next: Gun control stance

-The Rational Ram

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