Love is What You Do…

The meme opening today’s post is something I’m often want to say whenever I realize that someone is frustrated with a friend or loved one with whom they feel neglected by.

My motive for writing this post is simply to remind my readers of the simple, yet salient fact that this meme conveys. The logic of it isn’t debatable in the least.

You can say how much you love someone, be it your wife, your husband, your kids, lifelong friends, your pets, whomever. If you don’t express that love in demonstrable, physical, and expressive ways, you are not giving the person or persons you love a means to actually feel your love.

Most of us human beings are incapable of processing the abstract in an efficient or consistent manner…

Yes, that is a polite way of saying that we humans are dense and obtuse when it comes to affairs of the heart.

This is the impetus for how easily we human beings can be inherently and effectively inhuman.

If we can hold enough hate in our hearts to kill even people we once had passionate love for, then how much easier is it for us to fall into a lazy routine where we forget to actually show our loved ones how much we love them?

Love does not require spending money. It is as simple as genuinely asking your wife how her day went and really listening to the response.

It’s as simple as answering your toddler’s toy cell phone as if there was actually a real person on the other end.

It’s as simple as helping your child or grandchild with their math homework.

It’s as simple as saying good morning to your teenage son or daughter and actually remembering their friends’ names.

Being good to your family and friends goes far beyond Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

It’s something you should do everyday.

Being appreciative of your devoted wife, hard-working husband (or wife ;), or good friend doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Just as it takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile, it takes less effort to show love than it does to say “I love you” and showing love has a more profound effect than merely saying it.

After all, actions always speak louder than words.

-The Rational Ram

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