The Brevity of Life…

And 10 ways to maximize your time on this planet.

To say that life is short is a hackneyed cliche, to say the least. However, what is considered a short life is quite relative.

I personally don’t measure life in terms of longevity, but rather in terms of quality. I apply this line of thinking in many ways in my worldview and though I slip up every once in a while and lose focus on emphasizing quality over quantity or longevity, it is not what we do or how we think all of the time, but rather most of the time. Every once in a while, we should rethink our worldview, if for no other reason than to review and recalibrate it as needed.

The logic of quality vs quantity or longevity becomes clearer when you apply the principle to everyday events and behaviors.

Is it better to have sex with 100 women or have sex 100 times with one quality woman that you care about?

Is it better to spend two hours in a meeting that largely never gets to the point or have a 30 minute meeting that gives you clear and concise information and succinct action items that allow you go back to work and be productive?

Is it better to spend your work years doing something you love doing or spend that same length of time going to a job you absolutely hate?

I think the answers to the questions are obvious.

Tomorrow is promised to no one, so here are ten things you should do to maximize the quality of your life in the brief time we have to live it…

1. Don’t seek validation from other people, especially if they are not important enough to you for their validation or opinion of you to matter.

2. Get up early, get plenty of exercise, and have at least one objective to meet everyday. We only have 1440 minutes each day and we spend a great deal of that time aimlessly. It’s amazing what you can do everyday when you have a solid framework for your day. Exercising your body in the morning prepares your mind to get things done.

3. Pay yourself first. This means managing your money and realizing that your purpose in life is not going to a job and paying bills. The most important bill you have to pay is the bill that grows nest eggs (wealth) and funds a lifestyle that you can enjoy.

4. Live for today, plan for tomorrow, and put yesterday behind you. That means letting past hurts and petty slights go. Hate only hurts the hater.

5. Life is one big quid pro quo. Having a network of family, friends, and associates is how you attain individual success. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

6. Vices are okay as long as they are not self-destructive, illegal, or harmful to your family and friends. Methinks my readers can figure this one out for themselves.

7. Find out what talent you have that you enjoy doing and make that your life’s work. To do otherwise is to waste your time and will make your life miserable.

8. Don’t spend time around negative people. Including family members. Some people you have to love from a distance.

9. Be polite to people and treat them with the respect that you’d want to receive yourself. 99% of the time, the respect you give is reciprocated.

10. Remember that it is incorrect to say “you only live once”. No, we only die once. We live everyday. Treat yourself well everyday.

-The Rational Ram

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