21 Is The New 18

Source of photo: https://www.wecard.org/new-“21”-minimum-age-law-takes-effect-california

Once upon a time, when a person turned 18 years of age, he or she officially became an adult, with the requisite responsibilities and privileges that come with being an adult.

18 year olds are at the age of consent to have sex in all 50 states, they don’t require a guardian’s signature to join the military or enter into legal contracts. If arrested, they are treated under the law as adults, not juveniles. Oh, and most importantly, 18 year olds can vote…

However, as of 21 December 2019, these 18 year old “adults” are not only prohibited from buying alcohol (since October of 1986), but buying tobacco and vaping products.

As the blog post title states…

21 is the new 18

I won’t debate the merits of attempting to discourage youngsters from becoming addicted to nicotine or abusing alcohol, except to point out that laws seldom discourage youth who are determined to smoke or drink from doing so.

However, the inconsistency of these laws with regard to what is supposed to be considered “the legal age of adulthood” is even more maddening than it already was.

Why is this maddening, you might ask?

Simply put, an 18 year old can be sued personally, tried as an adult, die for their country, have sex in all 50 states, and get a tattoo, but can’t legally drink, smoke, or vape.

Did I mention that 18 year olds can vote…?

Am I the only person who sees the problem with this?

Government, even under the stewardship of a supposedly conservative president, is effectively telling 18 year olds that you are responsible enough to enter into legal contracts, view and make porn, and die in our military, but are too irresponsible to buy and consume alcohol or nicotine products.

Did I mention that 18 year olds can vote…?

You are only 3/4ths of an adult at age 18…

If this incongruity doesn’t motivate young people, namely 18 year olds, to get out and vote in 2020, I don’t know what will.

Unless of course today’s 18 year olds are okay with being treated like children when it is convenient for the government and being treated like adults when it is convenient for the government.

Just a thought…

Oh, and 18 year olds can vote!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

-The Rational Ram

4 thoughts on “21 Is The New 18

  1. I’ve thought this same thing for years, you can’t give a kid a gun and expect him to die for his country and not enjoy a cold beverage of his choice. I’m so happy to see more updates here!

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