Dear Millennials…

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Dear Millennials,

This is your Uncle Ram. I’m writing you today in an attempt to enlighten you about how the world works. The political and economic world anyway.

Firstly, I know most of you don’t like President Trump. I also know that many, if not most of you love Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont). This observation was made quite clear during the 2016 election when many of you refused to turnout and vote for Hillary Clinton because your favored candidate, Sanders, didn’t win the nomination. Your actions led directly to getting a president many of you didn’t want, one Donald Trump.

Are you happy with the consequences of your actions?

Fast forward to 2020…

Secondly, many of you are still falling for the okie doke and are communicating that if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the 2020 nomination over Sanders or Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) that you will not turnout to support Biden. Many of you prefer Sanders or Warren because of their social democratic (not socialist, there is a profound difference) policy stances and your perception of Biden (and Clinton before him) as “corporate democrats” who will not give you free college, free healthcare, student loan forgiveness, etc.

Millennials, there is a salient reality that most of you must embrace…

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Many of you don’t understand how the system works. The monetary system we operate under precludes the ability to provide anything for free to anyone without everyone paying for it eventually, usually through higher taxes.

Many of you want a perfect candidate who fits a narrative implanted into your head by political ideology.

Do you think the so-called conservatives and “right-wingers” got exactly what they wanted with Trump?

No, they didn’t. Not really.

However, they are mostly happy with the president because he pisses most of you idealistic millennials off. He appears to hate the people they hate. I often hear some variation of the phrase “Trump makes liberals cry” when asked why they still support the president.

Lastly, if beating President Trump in November 2020 is important to you, millennials, then you must collectively learn that getting what you want requires your active participation. Stuff doesn’t just happen. Stuff gets done. By people and to people.

Anything worth having in this world requires effort to obtain. Sitting on the sidelines in a poutrage because you didn’t get what you wanted or get the perfect outcome you hoped for will never serve you. Hope is not a strategy.

In closing, if you millennials really don’t want President Trump to win reelection, then you must be flexible and be willing to settle for the less than perfect option if circumstances hand you a less than perfect option. Perfect is always the enemy of progress.


Uncle (Rational) Ram

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