Life Is All About Choices

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Life is all about the choices we make.

First, two videos I want my audience to digest…

Systemic racism explained:

The myth of systemic racism, as told by black celebrities:

I am not going to suggest that racism, systemic or otherwise, does not exist or is not a problem.

As outlined in the first video, systemic racism is one of the reasons for the ethnic wealth gap. Redlining was really a thing. Denying benefits to people of color, like land grants, the first GI Bill, and other programs in the first half of the 20th century is a real thing.

However, my ancestors overcame the systemic racism problem and far worse obstacles. My ancestors overcame slavery, and lynchings, and more than 100 years of Jim Crow.

I’m a successful man because my ancestors set the example. They survived. I inherited the resolve to never let excuses get in the way of chasing excellence. This is the point of the second video.

I can lose everything I have tomorrow and I will just start building again.

Most people in this country are good people. I know it because I see it and feel it everyday.

You know who I feel sorry for?

The racists, white supremacists, and ethnic minorities who view themselves as victims instead of as warriors.

The white supremacists are afraid of losing something they never had and the minority “victim” is unaware of the great gift of survival and perseverance their ancestors left them.

As a society, we have a long way to go, but let us not think that we haven’t come a very long way in a relatively short period of time.

So the people in second video are the people who are looking at things the right way, right now.

They are not dismissing the problems. They are simply highlighting that the problems are easily overcome.

-The Rational Ram

4 thoughts on “Life Is All About Choices

    1. Mike,
      Thank you for sharing this video. Of course, my point in this piece is that despite the systemic racism of the past, many black Americans, especially and including me and many in my family, succeeded in life.

      The only person who can hold you back in this country is you.


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