A Note To My Grandsons

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Greetings to my readers,

I have not posted up for a while, but my two grandsons were on my mind this morning and that thought inspired me to make this post.

I preface this post by reiterating that men have the burden of performance in protecting and providing for themselves and their families. I realize how sexist that statement of fact might come off in today’s society, but what the media and the political elites proffer to shape society cannot and will not change what are imperatives of nature.

That does not mean that women should suffer subjugation. Women can and should strive for individual socioeconomic independence.

Considering the fact that in most of United States, and in most of the world, the sex ratios indicate that there are far more women than men in most of the country, and most of the world, it is imperative that women plan for the contingency that they may never find an adequate male protector and provider.

But I digress…

This post is a note for my very young grandsons, ages 9 years old and 6 months old respectively, the following words I hope imparts some age-old wisdom to them when they are both old enough to comprehend.

The five immutable laws of manhood.

1. Strive to be a man of value rather than a man of success.

Success is more often than not a byproduct of creating value, not just for yourself, but for others. The most successful people are the ones who create value and are aware of their own value.

2. Be patient in all you do.

Do not rush to get married.

Do not rush to have children.

Do not expect to find instant success or instant gratification.

Remember that anything worth having/achieving does not come easily or quickly. There are no shortcuts to a quality life or becoming a quality man.

When you are in school, concentrate on getting an education rather concentrating on girls. The popular guys in school that all of the girls pine for will wind up working for the unpopular guy that stayed on his true purpose.

3. Do not chase women. Chase excellence instead.

With excellence, you will eventually get the money, the power, and the right girl, and they will come to you without much effort on your part.

4. Be well-read and master the English language.

The mark of a true gentleman is demonstrating the ability to hold an intelligent and conscientious conversation with anyone about anything.

This ability opens doors that remain closed to people who think their skin color, gender, socioeconomic condition, or any other excuse is holding them back.

Do. Not. Be. That. Guy!

5. Remember that you control how people view you.

Simple acts and gestures, like saying “please” and “thank you”, and showing common courtesy break down the stereotypes people hold and social defenses that people put up when they encounter you. Most of the time anyway.

Being a gentleman does not mean being “weak” or a “pushover”. You have to give respect in order to have it returned to you in kind.

I hope these words resonate with you, my grandsons. I love you.

-The Rational Ram

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