Looks vs Character

It’s been a while since my last post. I don’t want my readers to think I abandoned my blog 😉

I saw a video on YouTube from a relatively new Tuber I subscribed to and I felt compelled to write about the video below in the comments.

Courtesy of YouTube

The channel is Daily Self Improvement Red Pill. While I find the term “red pill” a bit specious and off putting, this particular Tuber doesn’t seem to subscribe to the pernicious ideology that I rail against on this blog. This young man appears sincere in his desire to give advice to other young men (in particular) and women to seek self improvement rather than fall for media-driven thought processes that are deleterious to their well-being. He delves into conspiracy theories a bit in some of his content, but not to the point where it’s hard to take what he says seriously.

I’m impressed with his overall message to his audience and it’s easy for me to filter out that with which I disagree or find a bit on the eccentric side.

That said, in this particular video, the gentleman speaks to men about focusing on the qualities that one as an individual man should choose vs what society through the media machine conditions us to choose.

One point the gentleman proffers that prompted me to respond in the comments is the notion that men and women alike tend to pursue relationships with people they are first and foremost attracted to in terms of physical beauty rather examining their character first.

I could not agree with the gentleman’s point more!

I wrote the following in the comments…

When we are young(er), we are attracted to what we want. When we are old(er), we realize just how important what we need from a mate is vs what we want.

Beauty is fleeting, but it’s also in the eye of the beholder.

Just like building wealth, one should look for the consistent dollar and not the quick buck, one should look beyond a potential mate’s looks and find out their character first. The character is what you have to live with.

A salient point that far too many of us learn too late.

-The Rational Ram

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