Why 21st Century Racism Isn’t Working As Planned

Greetings to my readers. Though I open this post with a photo of former Franklin Templeton employee Amy Cooper (and dog choker..er..I mean, walker), this post is not going summarize what she attempted to do to a bird watcher in New York City’s Central Park, one Christian Cooper (no relation to Amy Cooper), who is […]

Why You Want Women To Admire You As A Man

The quote that open this blog post speaks a fundamental truth we human beings seldom stop to contemplate upon. Men tend to unconsciously seek admiration and women tend to unconsciously admire the real accomplishments of men, whether they are interested in a man romantically or not. The basic truth this quote articulates is that women […]

The Man With Options

This post is a continuation of my previous post outlining the reasons the Millennial generation are finding suitable dating and marriage options difficult to obtain. I ended that post by pointing out the general truism that women cannot, and often do not, submit to men simply because they are men, but rather submit to the […]

How To Get Rich

Preface: These six simple rules may or may not make you a millionaire (see rule #1), but they will enrich your life. Just remember that your net worth is not your self worth. Rule#1: Remember that “being rich” is relative. There are a number of factors that determine whether a person is considered “rich” or […]

A Generation Of Idiots

A Facebook post graciously shared by my wife inspires this post. But first, a preface… The quote above is widely attributed to late physicist Albert Einstein. However, he never actually said or wrote this quote, though he did express in his many writings his fear that our technology could be misused in ways detrimental to […]