Life Is All About Choices

Life is all about the choices we make. First, two videos I want my audience to digest… Systemic racism explained: The myth of systemic racism, as told by black celebrities: I am not going to suggest that racism, systemic or otherwise, does not exist or is not a problem. As outlined in the first video, […]

Why Drew Brees Is Being Treated Unfairly

I don’t often defend celebrities and professional athletes. Especially when they make stupid or controversial comments on political or racial matters. However, in this post, I make an exception. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees made headlines and broke the Internet yesterday when his statement regarding his stance on NFL players kneeling during the playing […]

I’m Tired, Boss…

I’m tired… I’m tired of the same thing the late actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s character “John Coffey” in the film The Green Mile is tired of. People being ugly to each other because of tribalism. That’s right. Tribalism. Racism is borne from tribalism. Ideology (political or otherwise) promotes tribalism. Tribalism erodes decency. Yes, I said […]

Overturn Qualified Immunity Now!

Greetings to my readers. I want to make three points in this blog post for conscientious consideration. Before I make my points, I provide a definition of the term “qualified immunity” and a synopsis on how it works. Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine that “protects public officials from being sued for damages unless they […]

Why You Want Women To Admire You As A Man

The quote that open this blog post speaks a fundamental truth we human beings seldom stop to contemplate upon. Men tend to unconsciously seek admiration and women tend to unconsciously admire the real accomplishments of men, whether they are interested in a man romantically or not. The basic truth this quote articulates is that women […]