Rise Above The BS

I am an avid consumer of news. I stick mainly to local news because many of the events and happenings that affects us directly tend to happen at the local level. I am not a fan of national network news outlets, like CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC. In fact, most news sources, including local news […]

What’s In A Name?

William Shakespeare’s profound words are often analyzed, imitated, and subject to interpretation. This is because more than 400 years after his passing, his words still convey philosophical wisdom. What exactly IS in a name? What prompted me contemplate this Shakespeare quote (spoken by Juliet in Romeo & Juliet) is the rash of demands to rename […]

A Thought Exercise…

The photo above is an interesting little thought exercise my wife conducted on Facebook. Are the woman and the horse coming or going? In response to my wife’s post, I stated that they are going and not coming, my logic being that the tail and the head position gives it away, according to me… 😉 […]

Father’s Day Is For Fathers

On the eve of Father’s Day 2020, I am once again seeing the trend of people wishing single mothers a happy Father’s Day. Words cannot adequately express my disdain for this trend and how utterly disrespectful it is, even to the single mothers it is meant to elevate. Firstly, by definition a woman cannot be […]

Monuments, Names, and History

The meme that opens this post makes a humorous, but salient point. History tends to favor the victors. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. One man’s king is another man’s oppressor. The victors typically get to shape how they and the side they vanquished are viewed in posterity. As the meme humorously points […]

The 5% vs. The 95% In A Changing World

Who are the 5%? Who are the 95%? The late, great radio personality and motivational speaker Earl Nightingale explains: For those in my audience who decided not to view the video first, or just decided that just over 13 minutes of your time is too long to get to the point of this post, I […]