The Real Problem Behind Mass Shootings

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Keeping this entry pithy today…

The common denominator that I see with most mass shooters has nothing to do with the typical excuses (yes, excuses) that are proffered in the media by the typical partisan pundits.

To recapitulate those excuses:

-video game violence

-mental illness (always non-specific and generic)

-broken home (typically no male role models)

-neglected as a child

-social outcast

-influenced by past mass shootings (i.e. fame-seeking)

-American gun culture/easy access to guns

The last excuse is typically a Democratic Party/liberal talking point after every mass shooting while the rest are usually trotted out by Republicans/conservatives.

All of the above are not just “beside the point” excuses, but completely miss the mark.

The common thread with these miscreant mass shooters is that they are weak-minded little boys (even if they are chronologically grown men) who are mad at the world for some trivial, misguided, misinformed, or easily fixed reason that they feel powerless about and feel entitled to kill innocent people because they’d rather kill and inflict pain than confront their own pain like real men. This is called aggrieved entitlement

Aggrieved entitlement is not a mental illness listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) the last time I checked, and no gun control law or mental health screening mandate for gun purchases is going fix that.

The ruin of a society begins in the homes of its citizens. It’s time we Americans start working on the disease rather than addressing the symptoms.

The problem is aggrieved entitlement, not guns.

More to follow…

-The Rational Ram

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