The Democrats Are Making a Mistake


President Trump and his supporters should be ecstatic in the aftermath of the latest round of Democratic Presidential Debates this past week. The candidates are busy tearing each other down, which is to be expected since they all wish to be president, but that isn’t the problem facing the party and its 2020 election chances right now.

The problem is that each of the candidates are striking the wrong message to the American people. What I’m hearing from each of the candidates is the following:

1. Sans Joe Biden, the candidates are running away from the still very popular former President Barack Obama and his record.

2. Because of number one above, they are pushing “Medicare For All” which for most candidates’ plans means ending private healthcare insurance (sans Biden and Kamala Harris’s plans).

3. Because of number two, this means giving taxpayer-funded healthcare insurance even to those here illegally.

And lastly…

4. The party is collectively moving to the far left, mistakingly thinking that this is where they need to be to defeat Trump in 2020.

This last observation is the most troubling for the Democrat Party’s 2020 chances, in my humble opinion.

Americans don’t want the country’s pendulum swinging to the far left anymore than it wants it to swing to the far right.

Most Americans are opposed to decriminalizing illegal immigration or giving them free healthcare and benefits, even if they are working in this country and paying taxes.

Americans want comprehensive immigration reform (a plan I will articulate in a future post), not the antithesis of “build the wall” and putting people seeking asylum in cages under inhumane conditions.

The Democrats would do well to proffer ideas to fix Obamacare vs pushing for single payer healthcare insurance under the misleading moniker “Medicare For All”.

Running away from Obama’s record is exactly the wrong thing to do, as is pushing a progressive agenda.

As the Napoleon quote says, President Trump isn’t interrupting the Democrats as they make egregious mistakes.

-The Rational Ram

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