My Initial Thoughts on the Dayton, Ohio Shooting

Yet another senseless mass shooting within the same 24 hours as the El Paso shooting with 9 dead and 26 injured:

Again, my condolences to the fallen victims and their families and my best wishes to the injured and uninjured survivors.

As of this writing, the identity and motive of the dead shooter has not been revealed, but as I said in my El Paso shooting post, the race or ideology of the shooter is secondary to the shooter’s actions.

These shootings will renew the gun control debate, but I posit that gun control is the wrong debate to have. A gun is but a tool. To paraphrase a line from the movie Death Wish, guns have kept robbers out of the bank, wolves out of the henhouse, and put food on the table since this country’s inception.

However, our gun laws have yet to evolve to meet modern times. How I think our laws should evolve is a different issue for a different blog post, but let’s just say that we should not restrict the liberties of the law-abiding to take guns out of the hands of the lawless.

The problem that leads to these shootings, as I see it, is a lack of education. A lack of parental guidance. A lack of personal responsibility. A lack of morality.

The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its citizens. No new law will ever change that.

-The Rational Ram

3 thoughts on “My Initial Thoughts on the Dayton, Ohio Shooting

  1. Hate is the cause of shootings. People hate others because they must blame others for their issues. Hate is a mindset and how do you change that? Education is a key factor but it takes much more. It takes people realizing we are all humans and we all are equal.

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