My Initial Thoughts on the El Paso Shooting

Three thoughts…

Firstly, my condolences to the fallen victims and their families and my best wishes to the survivors.

Secondly, my stance whenever these mass shootings occur is that the race and/or political ideology of the shooter is irrelevant. The shooter is responsible for his actions, no one else, especially and including Trump supporters. It’s highly likely that this heinous act didn’t require any political motivation. The motives are always secondary to the crime itself.

Lastly, while I recognize that this miscreant is not representative of Trump supporters, Trump supporters should at the very least reflect upon and rethink the rhetoric that they listen to, relay, ignore, or justify. It’s dangerous rhetoric at times. Again, the shooter is responsible for his actions, no one else and I cannot fathom any Trump supporter I know personally doing something like this or condoning it, but it’s time to dial it down and be pragmatic, not dogmatic.

-The Rational Ram

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