Advice For Men

Ten pieces of advice to help my male readers act (or continue to act) like men.

1. Eat a proper diet, limit the partying and alcohol, and exercise regularly, including weight lifting. Lifting things up and putting them down helps you to maintain your testosterone levels and will likely go a long way towards attracting women or keeping your significant other attracted to you. Keeping fit adds life to your years even if it doesn’t add years to your life and the byproduct of this is keeping yourself attractive to women. Soy products lower testosterone. The term “soy boy” is grounded in science.

2. Learn emotional discipline. Easier said than done, but life always throws tests your way. Real men pass them by adapting to and overcoming adversity. Remember, men bear the burden of performance.

3. Assertiveness and charisma are essential tools for success. Equivocation and ineptitude are major turn-offs to women.

4. Be selfish and ambitious. Not to the point of being a detriment to those around you, but there is a reason airlines advise you to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others in the event of cabin pressure loss, you cannot help anyone else if you don’t have yourself in order.

5. Collaborative women make better partners than combative women. Collaboration requires positive energy. Combativeness requires negative energy. Nuff’ said…

6. Men should always have goals, both long-term and short-term. A rudderless, goalless man is unattractive to high-value women.

7. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, but don’t beg for it or compromise your manhood for it (aka: being “whipped”). High-value women are turned off by such behavior. Low-value women take advantage of men who resort to begging for sex or acting like a simp for it to the extreme detriment of said men. As the late John Witherspoon once said, “don’t be whipped; turn it around; whip that *****!”

8. Have hobbies that you truly enjoy and that add value to your life. Sitting on the couch and watching sports while drinking beer and eating junk food does not qualify as a hobby.

9. Learn to enjoy solitude. A woman, even if she is your wife and/or the mother of your children, should only ever be a complement to your life, not the center of it. YOU are in command of your own happiness and well-being. No one can “complete you”. Healthy relationships are about synergy and mutually acceptable compromise, not bending to the other partner’s will.

10. Stay on your purpose and never be complacent. The minute you do, any relationship you have with a woman is doomed to fail. Maintaining the things that made you attractive to a woman requires constant and conscientious work. Remember, men have the burden of performance.

-The Rational Ram

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